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Hillsong Oceans Album Cover
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Hillsong UNITED – Oceans (Radio Version)

Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $19.99.


Hillsong UNITED – Oceans Where Feet May Fail (Radio Version)

Note this is the Radio Version and the correct audio file is 4:09 minutes long

xLights sequence of this song as shown in above preview (open preview in YouTube for best viewing and change settings to view in 1080HD).

Link to Amazon to purchase audio (not included)  Make sure you purchase the correct audio “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Radio Version) which is 4:09 minutes in duration”

View Sequence Audio Page regarding recent changes to Amazon music files


You can purchase and import this xLights sequence to your layout (sequence effects grouped for easy importing), refer to Resources page for mapping guide.

Layout includes the following props

Mega Tree 32 x 100 and Star, P5 Panel Matrix, House Outline and EFL Icicles, Flood Lights

Following Props available from EFL-Designs

Singing Tree (No star)

Showstopper Snowflake

Flake 600

EFLake46 (Snowflake)

EFLake36 (Snowflake)


EFLakeBabyBack (Snowflake)

Arches (3 Row), Fan Arches, Medium NSR Mini Trees & Stars, Candy Canes, EFL Stakes, Spiral x NSR (Mini Trees & Stars), Pixel Poles, Singing Star EFL Stakes and EFL Radio (Tune to Sign)

Note: You may need to change render style on the Candy Canes to suit how they are located in your layout.


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